The VICC knowledgebase participation agreement

If you are working to create cancer variant interpretations and would like to formally join the VICC, please consider signing the VICC letter of support.

Please contact us to discuss further and submit a signed version to the VICC. The text of this agreement can be found here: VICC_LoS_template.pdf.

Cancer Variant Knowledgebases

There are now quite a number of high quality cancer variant knowledgebases that aim to document the clinical relevance of individual variants. A growing list of these resources along with some of their features are maintained here: Cancer Variant Knowledgebase List.

If you believe this list is missing a relevant resource or contains any inaccuracies, please contact us.


Knowledgebase Tutorials

Beth Pitel (Mayo Clinic) as part of her role in the Cancer Genomics Consortium has developed an excellent series of educational tutorials for popular variant interpretation resources.

Relevant git repositories

Precision medicine initiatives we hope to serve

In addition to the molecular tumor boards at participating institutions with cancer variant knowledgebases the VICC also hope to help provide high quality clinical variant interpretations with any interested precision medicine effort. The following is a selected list of precision medicine efforts and cancer treatment centers we are actively engaged with: