Join the discussion

The VICC holds bi-weekly calls of all participants. These meetings serve several purposes:

  • Presentations from existing cancer knowledgebases. These presentations help to increase awareness of otherwise siloed efforts. Each presentation is followed by discussion of developing standards, ontologies, and APIs.
  • Input from industry partners and other interested parties.
  • Discussion of ongoing efforts to create a common interface for querying across VICC participant knowledgebases.
  • Discussion of efforts to form a virtual tumor board. The goal of this exercise is to help drive our discussion of cancer variant interpretation standards and best practices.
  • Planning for grant submissions to support the work of VICC.

Everyone is welcome to join these calls. If you would like to join, please contact the VICC leadership at the VICC leadership mailing list.

Adopt the VICC sharing principles

If your organization is currently creating a knowledgebase of clinical interpretations of cancer variants, please considering formally joining the VICC by adopting the VICC Guiding Principles and signing the Letter of Support.