Peter Horak, MD, PhD (Working group leader)

NCT Heidelberg

Dr. Horak is a medical oncologist at the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg. In this role he investigates clinical applications of comprehensive genomic characterization of cancer within the precision oncology platform of the German Cancer Consortium. In the Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium (VICC) he co-leads the Knowledge Curation and Interpretation Standards (KCIS) working group. He received his MD from the University of Vienna and his PhD (Tumor Biology) from the Medical University of Vienna. Dr. Horak authored over 40 articles and his research includes basic, translational and clinical endeavors. He is currently focused on characterization of molecular drivers in rare cancer entities, definition of molecular biomarkers based on -omic analyses of solid tumors and application of precision oncology in the development and design of clinical trials.