Vera Paulson, MD, PhD (Member)

University of Washington

Dr. Vera Paulson is an Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Washington Medical Center, where she is the Director of Genetics Education, Associate director of the Genetics and Solid Tumors Laboratory, and Associate director of the Genetics Preanalytical Service. Board certified in Anatomic, Pediatric, and Molecular Genetic Pathology, Vera’s clinical research interests include the design, validation, and implementation of genomic methods for tumor characterization and therapeutic target discovery. Her work has resulted in numerous publications in understudied solid and CNS neoplasms and provided a platform for enrollment of patients in clinical trials. Her goal as a physician scientist is to translate her work into clinically actionable results, that we might offer options instead of condolences to those diagnosed with advanced unresponsive malignancies.

A career teacher, Vera views the central theme of her positions to be one of education, whether it is in the classroom setting or at the multiple multi-disciplinary tumor boards she staffs. Vera serves on multiple (inter)nationally recognized committees and working groups, and has been instrumental in the development of a number of medical texts and on-line resources regarding molecular oncology.