Knowledge Curation and Interpretation Standards

The Working Group structure in VICC was been reworked to focus on Projects. This page is maintained as a record of former Working Group activities.

About KCIS

This working group focuses on the landscape of variation interpretation standards, the salient data elements informing those standards, and how those elements are curated. Ultimately, this group is responsible for the development of guidelines to be followed and the appropriate contexts for which they should be used.

This group meets on the first Wednesday of every month, from 11a-12p US Central Time. If you are interested in following these and other VICC calls, please add the public VICC Google Calendar. To receive updates specific to KCIS, including call details and agenda, please join the KCIS mailing list (follow link and click the blue “Join Group” button).

For additional information, including minutes from previous calls and links to relevant resources, please see the KCIS organizational document.


Working Group Leads